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About us
A careful combination of skills, experience and technology makes Siderca both a reliable and efficient partner for the production of effective solutions for continuous casting machines, especially for the production of machinery for steel industries and equipment for the international steel market. In addition to the manufacture of finished available products, the company is also involved in revamping of Old machines, ensuring great results in fast and reliable time.

SIDERCA is organized into the following operating divisions:
Trade and Export Department
Technical Department
Mechanical Processing
Carpentry constructions
Hot and cold treatments
Grondona's family has an historical background in the iron&steel market when in 1920, after the First World War, it founded the first Foundry of Genoa (Italy).

In 1981 the core business of the company changed consequently to the beginning of new casting system, "the continuous casting", and the production was reorganized taking in account of the new need of the market, maintaining the know-how acquired.

Starting from 2006 Siderca established many cooperation with different Italian and foreign companies for construction, erection and start-up of special equipment, maintaining its engineering offices for the study and development of turnkey project and solutions.
All Ezz Group (Egypt) - Arcelor Mittal / Imetal (Algeria) - Beshay Steel (Egypt) - Duferco Group (Belgium) - El Fouladh (Tunisia) - Esb (Belgium) - Fast Group (Egypt) - Jordan Iron & Steel (Jordan) - Lisco (Lybia) - Sonasid (Morocco) - Suez Steel (Egypt)
our glance to the future
We care your long-term success.
Our passionate people can arrive around the globe to evaluate and develop with you your ideas and your future projects.
This commitment is built upon existing and upcoming trustworthy partnerships.
We give you assistance, together with after-sales customer support and training.
Your confidence is our promise.
Processing scheme
processing cycle
A Iron–ore mining and transport    B Blastfurnace plant    C B.O.F. steelmaking plant    D Continuous casting    E Hotsteel pouring    F Rolling mill    G Castiron pouring    H Cupolafurnaces    I Electricare furnaces
Siderca is a full service supplier which realizes its own specific know how for E.A. furnaces, ladle furnaces, continuous casting machines, rolling mills. Besides, Siderca is specialized in the supply of auxiliary machines for steel plants.
Blast Furnaces
Cooling plates
Tuyeres nozzles
Tuyeres coolers
L.D. Converters
Oxygen compressor
Oxygen lance
Lances nozzles
Cryogenic ball valves
Electrical Arc Furnaces
Water cooled E.A.F.
Pipe to pipe fume elbow
Scrap basket
Water cooled cable
Electrode holder
Ladle car
Dedusting system
Continuous casting machines
Copper moulds
Straight plate moulds
Straightening sets
Rocker pinch roll
Steel teaming ladle
Cooling bed
Steel casting
Ingot moulds
Polygonal moulds
Pig-iron plates
Rolling mill
H.V. mill stand
Crop and cobble shear
Quenching system
Block mill
Tmt shear
Bar counter & separator
Cold shear
Cooling bed
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SIDERCA Steel Engineering
Adress: Via San Lorenzo, 5/15 - 16123 Genova (Italia)
Telephone: +39 010 2468209 - Mobile: +39 335 242894
Fax: +39 010 2471290
Skype: siderca467
Mr. Grondona:
Ms. Zuccarino:
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